Accessories Barbecue

tablets Aromatic

Broil King

Give the grill a great aroma of wood smoke. Wooden single variety without any additives. Suitable for charcoal grill, gas and electric

15,99 € VAT included


Broil King

Grids in stainless steel or cast iron, the Broil King to replace or change those in barbecue.

105,60 € VAT included

Covers Barbecue Dancook


Enclosures designed to cover the charcoal barbecue Dancook.
Protect from weather and dust. Made of breathable polyester fabric.

40,70 € VAT included


Lighters electric

Quickly turn coal or wood of your barbecue. Also suitable for the fireplace and stove.

38,00 € VAT included

Chimney Style Charcoal Starter


Let you light the charcoal briquettes in a simple and easily They also allow you to upload a barbecue with a coal ready for cooking.

1,10 € VAT included

Cast iron plates reversible

Broil King

Cast iron plates reversible in various formats.
Nate in sosituzione grids in Broil King BBQ.
Excellent for cooking fish steaks, eggs and small pieces such as vegetables and shellfish.

57,00 € VAT included

Broil King BBQ Covers Grill Original

Broil King

Enclosures designed to cover the Broil King gas grill. Protect from weather and dust. Made of breathable polyester fabric.

107,80 € VAT included




To determine the exact point of cooking food is essential to know the internal temperature. Just insert the thermometer probe in the center of the food you are cooking and wait a few moments to read the temperature.

15,40 € VAT included

Universal Rotisserie Kit

Broil King

Complete kit and spare parts for cooking rotisserie for your barbecue.
Cooking allows you to cook rotisserie spit whole foods such as chickens, turkeys, etc ...
The food is cooked slowly and evenly in all its parts.
The lack of direct contact with the heat source avoids the superficial burns and allows a perfect internal cooking. The foods retain their original softness plus the classic BBQ flavor.
It is cooked with the lid closed no smoke and no flare-ups.

38,50 € VAT included

Bake pizza and bread

Broil King

Specific sets for cooking pizza, bread and the piadina directly on your barbecue!

39,00 € VAT included