Barbecue GRILLO

Made in Italy

Short time to cook? No effort and more time to dedicate to friends or family. A barbecue was born that grills in your place.

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For all people who want to eat healthy without having to work hard and without getting dirty, wanting to take some time to grill and eliminate the problem of post-grilling, GRILLIO is the first barbecue to cook alone.

While other BBQs do not allow you to get away from the grill, you have to spend a lot of your time and energy for a simple grilling, GRILLOO allows you to eat easy, because you grill in place and is fast to clean.

Grilled meat, fish and vegetables whenever you want, with healthy and digestible dishes without any added fatigue.

Observation windows
Fully steel exterior with foam viewing windows.
These windows allow you to avoid opening the lid and losing heat, which should never happen during cooking.

Temperature thermometer
The thermometer is equipped with a thermocouple that detects room temperature.
Experiences and cooking manuals will teach you how to do the cooking in relation to the temperatures.

Rotating grill
That's right!
The grid is rotating and can be stopped at any position, approaching it or pulling it away from the heat zone.

Easy cleaning
The grill is easy to extract, can go to the dishwasher.
The interior is completely smooth, fast to clean.
For an extremely healthy cooking, there is a space on the bottom where you add water to the fat collection, so they do not burn.

Control panel
There are 3 gas adjustment knobs on the front panel and therefore its flame.
The timer button where you can set the cooking time with automatic valve shutdown.
Grid rotation control button.
Power button on and off.
Internal light control button.

Container compartment
This space is dedicated to accommodating the propane cylinder and the supplied pan where it drains the water including the fat and the humor that the foods have spilled out during cooking.

Transportation wheels
Robust wheels that facilitate shifting and locking for each placement.

Support lateral planks.
With Grilioo you have the ability to place your kitchen tools and accessories wherever you want.
The three support planes will help you in the normal operations of a real griller.

Top drip tray
You can add emulsions that are dispersed by dripping it down the food through the holes at a time.

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