Broil King

Broil King is proud to present a new gas vertical smoker truly exceptional.
Available now in the gas model, the vertical affumicatori Broil King are designed to create the authentic taste smoked.
Every detail is evident in these affumicatori.
Durable, stylish for exceptional cooking versatility.
Whenever great food, great taste, great barbecue.
Broil King brings people together.

790,00 € VAT included



For lovers of cooking with smokehouse propose this interesting article useful for the preparation of food with smoke at medium or low temperature. You can prepare foods with smoke at medium temperature 60/90 ° or low temperature 10/30 °. For smoking at low temperature (10/30 °), we use the wood flour with a pellet ignition ecological: during the smoking the food remains raw. To smoke at high temperature (60/90 °) use the burning coal that produces heat and add the sticks of the type that we prefer: during the smoking food is cooked.

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KEG 4000

Broil King

Broil King is a name that has become synonymous with a guarantee for cooking outdoors.
Keg 4000 was designed to meet the real professionals griller.
The results of the Broil King Keg speak for themselves: 95% of convection, with only 200g Charcoal many pounds of meat, cooking direct, indirect cooking and baking with smoker.
Pot and lid steel double wall insulated perfectly.
Expand your experience and enjoy your food on the barbecue with the Broil King Keg 4000. Designed and built in North America.

1.490,00 € VAT included