For lovers of cooking with smokehouse propose this interesting article useful for the preparation of food with smoke at medium or low temperature. You can prepare foods with smoke at medium temperature 60/90 ° or low temperature 10/30 °. For smoking at low temperature (10/30 °), we use the wood flour with a pellet ignition ecological: during the smoking the food remains raw. To smoke at high temperature (60/90 °) use the burning coal that produces heat and add the sticks of the type that we prefer: during the smoking food is cooked.

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Features of 'smoker Grill Pro:

- Made of high-strength steel
- Front door with reinforced handle
- Thermometer for temperature control on the wing front place
- Four shelf guides and cooking made of chromed steel and adjustable in height
- Container for the water height adjustable
- Container for Charcoal
- Two ferrules for adjusting the draft
- Warranty 2 years

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Affumicatore Grill-Pro

Code 105.31840

Overall dimensions: L 65 cm - D 56 cm - H 110 cm
Total area of ​​support and cooking: 1084 cm2

Structure in high strength steel front.
Door with reinforced handle.
Thermometer for temperature control place on the wing front.
Four Shelf and cooking in chrome plated steel and adjustable in height.
Container for the water height adjustable.
Container for the Charcoal .
Two ferrules for adjusting the draft .

Two years warranty.

429,00 € VAT included

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